Rebglo was created to respond to the needs of future financial planning professionals. Rebglo offers comprehensive and unbiased resources for industry professionals working with state securities and self-regulatory commissions. Rebglo is a business project being promoted with the following concepts. "Reboot Globalization", "Reproduction and globalization" The objective of Rebglo is economic support, circulation and recycle as many individuals as possible by circulating energy and economics. HETTARER, born in a project with the objactive, is an ecological sticker that has been specially processed into special paper that can be recycled by applying technologies that have not been available in the past. HETTARER in the Rebglo project, is an application of a project with a deploying vision of greater efficiency, greater economics and greater internationality. The Rebglo project will continue to apply technologies not recognized in the world such as HETTRER's technology and remove invisible obstacles through the Rebglo Project to provide eco-friendly product and our service to the world across the country. REBGLO project aims to extend effective and powerful software as well as hardware solutions in order to improve the existing cryptocurrency mining process. The company further plans to enter into the ‘Electric Power Business’ and ‘Energy’ business and develop its own electric power company. With their solutions, the ecosystem intends to simplify cryptocurrency mining in order to make it more efficient and profitable for the users.


Private Banking

Reblgo offers personalized financial and banking services to high-net-worth individuals (HNWI). Through Rebglo, clients can access a wide range of conventional and alternative investments.

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Mahmood Dean, Coo, Makoto Murakoshi, Akihiro Sugiyama


June 1, 2018


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Level 1, 131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland 2155, New Zealand.