Rebglo Project


Rebglo Project

Rebglo Project

Token Distribution

What Is Rebglo?

REBGLO created to respond to the needs of the future financial planning professionals, with objectives to provide economic support and to recycle many individuals as possible by circulating energy and economics.

The Rebglo project aims to provide eco-friendly products and services to extend effective and powerful software and hardware solutions in order to improve the existing cryptocurrency crypto mining process. The company has plans to enter the ‘Energy’ and ‘Electric Power Business’ in future so that it could develop its own electric power company.
  • Reboot Globalization
  • Reproduction and globalization
  • In energy and economy
Token Distribution
Token Features

What REBGLO solve for us?

In solar light and wind power generation, the amount of electricity that can be produced by the weather is affected and becomes unstable

  • Reduce energy consumption in the first place
  • Promote activities of “HETTARER” to shorten charging time of mobile phones and PCs and extend usage period.

Generally expensive compared to thermal power generation etc.

  • Improving power generation efficiency
  • Promote “HETTARER” which is effective for solar power generation etc.

The place to make power generation facilities is limited

  • You can also reduce the amount of oil and natural gas burning to make electricity
  • If each person’s small effort is accumulated, it will be an amazing result

Child Education

  • Teach children to use electricity carefully through “HETTARER”.
  • Building a mechanism to communicate the importance and important things of energy.
  • Rebglo Project” will advance efforts to reduce global warming and provide education for children
Token Features
Token Architecture


Hettarer promoted under the concept of “Reboot Globalisation”, aim’s to provide eco-friendly products and services to the world with a vision to recycle energy and bring it back in circulation. The sticker works by utilizing conductive paper that optimizes battery life and reduces charging times by collecting charged particles from electric currents found in the air.

Extented battry life

Extented battry life

Pasting HETTARER will improve battry life of your electronic device from 20% up to 40%.

Shorten charge time

Shorten charge time

Pasting HETTARER will reduce your electronic device’s charging time from 20% up to 40%.

Increase Mining efficiency

Increase Mining efficiency

Pasting HETTARER improves the mining efficiency of your virtual currency by about 130%.

Lower high frequency of devices

Lower high frequency of devices

Pasting HETTARER will lower the high frequency of electronic devices by about 50%.

Token Architecture
The Founders

Regblo Team


Pankajj P. Ghode


Praneet Kumar


Abhijith Naraparaju

Sandhya R

Sandhya Reddy

Ankita IMG

Ankita Dube

omar (1)

Omar Hj Ibrahim


Alexey Vershinin


Makoto Murakoshi

The Founders
Token Roadmap


High Level Roadmap

This is a high level roadmap for the twelve months.

15th April 2018

Rebglo Mining Boost Engine Live

1st June 2018

ICO Private Sales 1

1st July 2018

ICO Private Sales 2

1st August 2018

Hettarer enter Singapore

1st September 2018

ICO Presale /Hettarer enter Indonesia market

1st October 2018

Hettarer enter Malaysia market

1st November 2018

ICO Public Sale/ Hettarer to enter Thailand

1st December 2018

Rebglo Quantum Mining System Live/ Hettarer to enter Vietnam

1st March 2019

Rebglo Mk-1 Asic Miner Launch

1st June 2019

Rebglo Mk-2 Asic Miner Launch

1st June 2019

Rebglo Mk-2 Asic Miner Launch

1st December 2019

Rebglo Mk-X Quantum Miner Launch


Rebglo Battery Launch


Establish Electric Company


Establish Power Semiconductor Company

Token Roadmap


The Press

Our Partners

The Press
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Level 1, 131 Kolmar Road,
Papatoetoe, Auckland 2155,
New Zealand.

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